7 Problems of Language and Learning | B.Ed Notes

Problems of Language and Learning

The basic problems of language and learning are as follows:-

1. Language Transfer

It implies the interference of the mother tongue in the second language learning. Generally, learners apply knowledge of their native language to learn a second language and this might cause problems in internalizing the target language.

2. Cultural Difference

Sometimes cultural differences can cause confusion and cultural misunderstanding which may lead to communication problem to the native speaker.

Problems of Language and Learning

3. Implications in the Classroom

It is necessary that the strategies used by learners to learn a second language is taken into consideration. It is beleived that language always begins with a silent period. Therefore learners need to practice listening in order to learn language.

4. Lack of Curiosity

Attitude can be key factor in the progress of language learning. Students who are curious enough to know about the target cultural and the language are mere receptive to language learning.

5. Rigid Thinking

It has been found that student with low tolerance tend to struggle because language learning involves a great deal of uncertainity. Until native like fluency is achieved, there will always be some amount of ambiguity therefore student’s not able to tolerate it will lay behind.

6. A Single Method

Language learners using multiple methods get to practice preference skills and concepts and therefore gets variety. Therefore, such learners are always attend an advantage than the one’s practicing at a single method.

7. Fear

Problems of Language and Learning

To learn, improve and use the target language, we need to speak. Learners who are hasitant and shy always suffer from insecurity and thus cannot proceed. We need the courage to speak and make mistakes because such mistakes will show them the limits of language learning and also paves the way for correcting of errors before they become fixed in the minds.

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