Role of Teacher Training in Gender Equality

Teacher training for gender equality

All teacher are born need not be true. To help the teachers to be fit to play the roles in mitigating, gender stereotypes in school, the teacher must be trained. It is well known that the quality of the teacher depends on quality of the teacher training programmes. A teacher training course can definitely make the aspiring teachers more confident, mature and effective in carrying out their tasks in the classroom. teacher to gain an understanding of the different aspects of the education process. 

Teacher training for gender equality

Importance of Teacher Training for Gender Equality

Gender teacher training is considered as integral part in promoting gender equality. It helps the teacher to-

i. Understand the issue of gender.

ii. Obtain pre-hand knowledge over the issue of gender.

iii. Raise the awarenes to the social issue of gender in academic settings.

iv. To address prevailing gender issues in educational institutions.

v. Acquainted with the gender sensitive teaching appoaches and classroom.

vi. Reform gender sensitive textbook and curriculum, through which they transit their ideas to students.

vii. Use gender neutral language in the classroom/school.

viii. Understand the basic concept of gender, sex, divisions of labour and gender stereotyping.

ix. Distinguish between gender and sex, nature and nurture.

x. Realise the importance of home, school and society and their influence in gender roles.

xi. Gender analysis in curriculum material, textbook, school structure and culture.

xii. Develop sex education programme that question gender roles and sexual stereotypes.

xiii. Challenge traditiona; notion of masculinity.

xiv. Understand and find-out alternative ways to define one’s gender identity.

xv. Support co-operative and interactive teaching and learning.

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Gender inequality is seen subtly existing in all the areas of life. The best means to minimize this obstacle to promote gender awareness in the teachers. Therefore, gender training is the direct need of the society today. Gender trainings for teachers should be organised as they facilitate the change to be brought about in the syllabus and at policy level. Moreover, gender sensitivity training needs to be mandatory for all teachers training programmes. All teachers should be gender sensitized especially the male teachers must be exposed to gender sensitivity trainings, then only we can imagine a gender friendly classroom and a gender friendly society at large. Gender free education for all male or female is of concern all over the world.

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