Importance of Measurement and Evaluation in Education

Measurement and Evaluation

Importance of Measurement and Evaluation

 Evaluation is important in the following ways:-

1. To Evaluate the Achievements of Students

The abilities and achievements of the students must be evaluated. Evaluations are
conducted to discover whether or not the learner has been able to acquire the required knowledge, skill and attitude.

2. To Measure Personality

 Evaluations are used to test the power of clear thinking, quickness of mind, calmness and perseverance.

3. To Find out the Efficiency of the Teachers and of the School

Evaluation provide a suitable occasion for the authorities to judge the efficiency of the teacher. The efficiency of the institution is also judged. They provide a proper occasion to the teacher to know whether or not their methods of teaching-learning are appropriate.

4. To Help in Diagnosis

 They help to discover the specific weak points of an individual or class and thus give an opportunity to the teacher as well as to the pupil to remove these defects.

5. To Act as Incentives

 Stimulation to work hard is provided to the students through the system of evaluation. Some objectives are placed before the students for the realisation of those objectives, the students develop in them the habits of constant hard-work.

6. To Help in Prognosis

 Evaluation have a prognostic value also. With this device, the aptitude of the students are determined.

7. To Give Uniformity of Standards

 The external evaluation facilitate the problem of uniformity of standards attained by the students of the different institutions.

8. To Help in Grouping

They facilitate the work of grouping individuals for the purpose of teaching by bringing those together who have more or less the same attainment.

9. To Measure Fitness for Admission to Higher Education

They are designed to determine the capacity and fitness of the candidates to pursue higher courses of general or professional study or training. Evaluations which serve this purpose are called Entrance or Qualifying Exams.

10. To Help in Selection by Competition

Evaluation is also conducted to select the best candidates for appointment to public services or for awarding prizes and scholarships.

Thus, evaluation serves various purpose. They are an instrument of quality control in education, selection/entrance to a higher grade or tertiary level. In fact, effective decision-making process in various tasks in education involves evaluation.

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