Inclusion in Education- Meaning and Definition

Inclusion in Education

Inclusion in Education- Meaning and Definition

Inclusion in Education is an important topic for B.Ed. In this post we will learn about the meaning and definitions of Inclusion in Education. Moreover we will also discuss about the inclusion in the context of education.

 The Dictionary meaning of Inclusion is- ‘to take in’ or consider or embrace. It is the opposite of exclusion. Inclusion is not a black and white issue. It is about membership and belongingness.

Thus we can say that inclusion is about-

a. a concern with disabled students.

b. as developing the school for all.

c. as ‘Education for all’.

d. a principle approach to education and society.

Inclusion is not about disability nor it is only about school or instruction. It is about social justice.

Inclusion in Education

Inclusion in the Context of Education

 Inclusion in the context of education means- the quality education, ensuring all children’s needs are met in the classroom. Inclusion in education refers to the education of children with diverse needs in regular classrooms and with normal children. Inclusion rejects the special school or classroom and restructure schools as the common place for all children where they can learn together without any discrimination. Thus inclusive practices is about all children experiencing quality education with the peers.

The ultimate goal for inclusion in education is to create a ‘unified school system that serves all students together’. Inclusion in education is thus an approach towards equality for students with disability.

Definitions of Inclusion in Education

 There is no legal definition of inclusion or inclusion in education. Whatever definitions are there, were developed by organisation and advocacy group by their own. Therefore, it is very difficult to find out universal definition of inclusion in education. However, policymakers etc. are taken into consideration.

a. Booth (1996) refers to inclusion as a process of increasing participation and reducing exclusion within schools.

b. Rogers (1993) opines that main streaming is a related term with inclusion in education.

c. Crawford and Porter (2004) defines, ‘Inclusion in education can be defined as educational arrangement in which teachers have the instructional and other support to foster the participation of all learners in socially valuing relationship with diverse peers and adults’.

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