Role of NGO’s in Gender Equality

Role of NGO in Gender Equality

Most of the NGO’s of the world have been established with some collective aim in view, firmly based on the principle of equality, equity, peace etc. They are more likely to create the sense of awareness of people towards some significant social issues. NGO’s have an important role in the developmental processes. Gender inequality is a social issue. To minimize this issue, the role of NGO’s is significant:-

1. The NGO’s can organize and held public campaign to create the sense of awareness towards the gender issue in the societies.

2. The NGO’s can encourage the participation of both boys and girls in the various activities and programmes.

3. By involving the girls in the planning and decision making process of the program, NGO’s can alter the self-perception of the girls.

4. NGO’s can provide tools and training in gender awareness, gender analysis and gender planning.

5. They can act as the linkage between government, the private sector, civil society and other stakeholders to ensure gender balanced situation.

role of NGO's in gender equality

6. The NGO’s can provide micro-financial scheme for empowering the women economically, socially and individually.

7. By involving the general public and community in its varied programmes, NGO’s can reshape the ideals and values of men towards the gender roles.

8. By supporting cultural activities, street play, drama, women’s creativity and freedom of expression can be encouraged by the NGO’s.

9. NGO’s can provide training on the issue of human right, gender relation and various social and economic concern, which promote gender equality.

10. By organizing seminars, workshops, the NGO’s can sensitize people with the issue of gender biases.

11. NGO can enhance a supportive and gender sensitive works environment.

12. NGO can act as the medium of intervention in stopping violence activities both at local and regional levels.

13. NGO’s can mobilize the villages or district or society in effort to eradicate violence and gender stereotyping practiced by people’s in general.

14. NGO’s can held skill building workshop to help the people to change their attitude towars gender norms, it can also improve communication in relationship and improve communication in relationship and empower the women in various ways.

15. NGO’s can take active part in eradicating the gender disparity by collecting sex-disaggregated data gender sensitive information about the population concerned and thereby to provide intervention.

16. NGO’s can conduct action-oriented research work and studies, which reflect on gender issue.

17. Many times, NGO’s can act the protector of human rights and status of the women and girl.

18. NGO’s can organize specific programmes and activities for the benefits of girls and women that promote capacity building and full-citizenship.

19. NGO’s through launching specific projects for women, can promote gender equality.

20. NGO’s can provide technical and vocational training to the women to empower them in the labor market.

21. NGO’s can cover genital mutilation, rape and the trafficking of women, as forms of physical violence against women and to provide intervention to such violence.

On account of these, we can say that, NGO’s can contribute a lot to address the issue of gender inequality. Generally, NGO’s all over the world are operating to address the issues like- religion, emergency aid, or humanitarian affairs. NGO’s are accepted as a part of the international relations landscape. Thus, NGO’s can play a significant role in mitigating the problem of gender bias. Education, culture, communication and information obviously play an important part  in changing the attitude of the people. The role of NGO’s should also be recognized and welcomed in process of promoting gender equality.

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