Role of Family and Community in Gender Equality

role of textbook in redressing gender inequalities in education

Role of Family in Gender Equality

The strong gender notions that children bring to school are formed in the family and community. Children learn their culture’s roles for men and women and develop their gender identity primarily at home and community. Thus, gender roles are social constructs and they are propagated by the parents during childhood. In many families, daughters are viewed as liability and she is conditioned to believe that she is inferior and subordinate to men, whereas, sons are idolized and celebrated. Such type of stereotypes are harmful for overall development of the girl children. So family can minimize such type of stereotypical attitudes at an early stage of life. family can take active step to counter the development of the stereotypical gender roles-

role of textbook in redressing gender inequalities in education

1. Parents can involve both sons and daughters together tasks and activities that traditionally have been thought of as gender specific.

2. Parents should put equal limits of boundaries for both girls and boys- not more for girls or less for boys.

3. Parents and other fanily members should monitor and ensure that both boys and girls are encouraged to participate equally in all the activities of family.

4. Parents should avoid assigning such tasks in the family which involve stereotypical gender roles such as girls to be passive, boys to active.

5. Parents should point out and discuss common biases against girls in media and culture.

6. Parents should make same expectation from both girls and boys.

7. Parents should encourage the girls to choose their career and provide maximum opportunity to make decision about their lives.

8. Parents and other family members should always try to create gender sensitive atmosphere in the home.

9. Parents should empower the girls/daughters with skills for self-confidence, assertiveness, speaking out, decision making.

10. Parents should encourage both girls and boys to play together and should avoid the notion of engaging the girls in stereotypical games- rather encourage them to play football, cricket, kabaddi etc. with the boys.

Role of Community in Gender Equality

The society or community is also a key factor in socializing the children in certain gender roles. To promote gender equality, for better upliftment of the children, it is necessary to minimize the gender biases rooted in the society. We know that school, through its many folded activities can create a gender sensitive environment. But a gender responsive school is one in which the academic, social and physical environment and its surrounding community take into account the specific need of both girls and boys. This implies that the teachers, parents, community leaders and members are and should be aware of and practice gender equality. to practice and develop an awareness of gender equality, the community can play the following roles-

role of community in gender equality

1. The community should provide equal space, right and opportunity for both girls and boys.

2. The community should form equal norms, rules for both males and females.

3. The community can establish some centers to provide counselling services for the victim of stereotypical behavior.

4. The community can encourage the girls to voice their ideals, opinions in a broader context.

5. Community can empower women economically by providing a number of initiatives like micro-finance etc.

6. The community can organize community awareness program by holding community discussion on gender equality.

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7. The community can participate in the school related activities which promote awareness to the gender equality.

8. The community activities such as theatre discussion, door-to-door visit can also promote women’s right.

9. The community should encourage same positive behaviour from both girls and boys.

10. The community should avoid the national of patriarchy and the notion that females are subjected to control by the males.

thus, community, through its various interventions can address gender norms and attitudes, of the people in the society. By adopting gender sensitive socialization, community can play an important role in overcoming gender inequalities. Because, it is the society which through its various organization perpetuate gendered norms and belief. A gender responsive society is the base for promoting equity and equality in all the aspect of human’s life.

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