Functions of Education D.El.Ed./B.Ed/M.Ed Notes

function of education
function of education

Functions/Purpose of Education

1. All round development of personality: The total development of personality includes the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspects. Education helps to develop all these aspects to develop personality of a person.

2. Moral Development: Another function of education is to develop moral qualities in the individual and build his character.

3. Preparation for adult life: The child of today is a citizen of tomorrow. the eductaion prepare a child for his future life.

4. Making of good citizen: Good citizenship qualities are senses of responsibility, fellow feeling, cooperation, love, service, sense of duty and qualities of leadership.

5. Adjustment to environment: Adaptation leads to life and maladjustment leads to decay and destruction. education teaches adaptation to environment, life and existence.

6. National Security: Education can give us necessary training and inculcate in us the noble sentiments of patriotism, nationalism and sacrifice.

function of education

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7. Preservation of Culture and Civilization: It is the function of education to preserve and transmit this cultural heritage from one generation to another generation.

8. Self-sufficiency: Only education can produce such citizen who are active, dynamic, self-sufficient, independent and progressive.

9. Emotional Integration: The feeling of citizen have to be moulded and submilated into desirable feelings of tolerance, co-operation and adjustment.

10. Satisfaction of needs: Every individual human being has his/her physical, emotional, educational and social needs. All these needs can be fulfilled by education.

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