Scope of Education D.El.Ed/B.Ed/M.Ed Notes

scope of education
scope of education

Scope of Education

Education has a wider meaning and application. The scope of education may be discussed under the following heads-

1. Educational Philosophy

Philosophy of education covers aims of education, nature of education, importance of education, functions of education. It is very old and essential part of education.

2. Educational Psychology

Main aim of education is the development of child. Psychology helps to understand the child better and development of child with respect of physical, mental, emotional, social adjustment, individual differences, personality, thinking, reasoning, problem solving.

3. Educational Sociology

A child lives in the society. So it is important for him to know about the society, the nature of society, types of society, interdependence between culture and society.

4. History of Education

It is also important to know background, origin, development, growth and aspect of the subjects. And also education system, methods of teaching during ancient period, medieval period, British period and modern period.

5. Economics of Education

For the growth of business and market, the world class economical education is important for each.

6. Population Education

Population education is another very important branch of education where the common and basic problems of education are taken into consideration for study. Population problem as for example, poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, crisis of resources are tackled down by population education.

7. Environmental Education

Environmental education is also another important branch of education which takes into account the major environmental problems and their solutions.

8. Teacher Education

Teacher education can modifies one’s individuality. It helps to learn new techniques, methods of teaching. It also develops professional competency. Moreover, teacher education revise and refresh the knowledge that the teacher already have. it is helpful to know the child psychology, individual differences, adjustment problems, behavioural patterns of the students, etc.

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