Education as a State Sponsored Activity B.Ed Notes

State Sponsored

Education as a state sponsored activity

The state is a political association, territorial in its basic and compulsory in its membership. It exists for a sake of good life and not for the sake of life only. The state and the individual are intimately related with each other.

Education has now become a state sponsored activity. Among all other activities of the state, the first place must be assigned to education. Since education is the foundation of good life, it ought to be universal. it is an absolute necessity for all.

Education is imparted to the pupil through different ladders- primary, secondary, higher secondary, technical, adult and professional education including provision of libraries, laboratories, museums, research institutions etc. It is impossible to manage such a different task by the help of private enterprise. therefore, the state through proper development of education, must plan on adequate scale, enlist the cooperation of private agencies, supply necessary funds and try to continuously improve the system.

Educational functions of the State


As an active and informal agency of education, the state has to perform the following functions:

a. Providing educational opportunity by opening schools.

b. Planning curriculum and syllabus.

c. Exercise control over educational institutions.

d. Encourages educational research.

e. Recruitments of teachers.

f. Appointment of Head Masters, head Mistress, Principals, etc.

g. Formation of commissions.

h. Organizations of seminars and workshops.

i. Provision of scholarships.

j. Organization of board and commission.

k. Supply of textbook, uniform, TLM and other facilities.

l. Provision of MDM facilities and so on.


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