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Glimpses of india- coorg

Glimpses of India- Coorg Overview

Glimpses of India- Coorg describes the hill station of Coorg located in the western ghats in the state of Karnataka. It is located midway between Bengalore and Mangalore. The suitable time to visit Coorg is from September to March. The place is famous for coffee plantations and spices. There are abundant rainforests which cover 30 percent of the area. The Coorgi men are brave warriors who are permitted to keep firearms without a licence due to their trustworthiness. The women of Coorg are pretty. Coorg is also known as Kodavu and the Kodavus, though are Hindus by religion but their customs differ from those of mainstream Hindus. They marry within their community. Kodavus are said to be of Greek or Arabic descent. Some soldiers of Alexander’s army settled there. Also, as the ethnic dress of the Kodavus, Kuppia is similar to the Arab garment Kuffia, it is said that maybe their ancestors were Arabs or Kurds. The river Kaveri originates from Coorg. The fish named Mahaseer is found in the river. Many animals and birds like kingfisher, langur, squirrels and elephants can be spotted along the river. Tourists relax in the serene atmosphere and also enjoy adventure sports like river rafting, canoeing, rappelling, mountain biking, rock climbing and trekking. While trekking on the nature trails, animals like Macaques, Malabar squirrels, langurs and slender loris can be spotted on the trees. The major tourist attractions are Brahmagiri hills, Nisargdham island and Bylakuppe Tibetan settlements. Coorg gives visitors a feel of India’s diverse cultures.

Difficult Word Meanings

Drifted from- been carried along gently by hair

Martial- having to do with war

Canopies- roof-like coverings made of trees that form a shelter
Prime- here, best
Invigorating- strong (here)

Mainstream- a tradition which most people follow

Tales of Valour- stories of courage and bravery, usually in a war
Descent- origin

Most decorated- having received the maximum number of awards for bravery in a war

Mischief- playful behaviour
Ripple effect- a small wave or series of waves on the surface of water, especially as caused by a slight breeze or an object dropping into it
Mahouts- a person who works with, rides, and tends an elephant

Laidback-relaxed, not in a hurry
Rafting- travelling in a river in a

Canoeing- travelling in a river in a canoe (a large, narrow boat)

Rappelling- going down a cliff by sliding down a rope
Trails- paths created by walking

Glimpses of India- Coorg Question Answers

Q1. Where is Coorg?

Ans:- Coorg is the smallest district of Karnataka, that sits between Mysore and the coastal town of Mangalore.

Q2. What is the story about the Kodagu people’s descent?

Ans:- The Kodagu people are thought to be of Greek or Arabic descent. As one story goes, a part of Alexender’s army moved south along the coast and settled in Karnataka when return became impractical. These people married amongst the locals and their culture is appearent in the martial traditions, marriage and religious rites, which are distinct from the Hindu mainstream.


Q3. What are some of the things you now know about?

(i) The people of Coorg?

Ans:- The people of Coorg are brave and courageous. Their wives are beautiful and full of hospitality and are eager to recount numerous stories of bravery of their sons and fathers.

(ii) The main crop of Coorg?

Ans:- The main crop of Coorg is

(iii) The sports it offers to

Ans:- The sports it offers to
tourists are river rafting, canoeing, repelling, rock climbing and mountain
biking. Trekking is also a favourite game in the numerous walking traits in

(iv) The animals you are likely
to see in Coorg?

Ans:- In Coorg, one can see the
animals like Macaques, Malabar sqirrels, langurs and slender loris as well as
wild elephants.

(v) Its distance from Bangalore
and how to get there?

Ans:- The distance from
Bangalore to Coorg is around 250-260 KM.

There are two routes from it,
one route via Mysore which is most frequent, other one is via Neelamangal,
Kunigal, Chanrayanapatna. 

Glimpses of India- Coorg Additional Question-Answer

Q4. Here are six sentences with some words in italics. Find phrases from the text that have the same meaning-

i. During monsoons it rains so heavily that tourists do not visit Coorg.

Ans:- Keep visitors away.

ii. Some people say that Alexender’s army moved south along the coast and settled there.

Ans:- As on story goes.

iii. The Coorg people are always ready to tell stories of their son’s and father’s valour.

Ans:- Willing to recount.

iv. Even people who normally lead an easy and slow life get smitten by the high energy adventure sports of Coorg.

Ans:- The most laidback individuals become converts to the life.

v. The theory of the Arab origin is supported by the long coat with embroidered waist- belt they wear.

Ans:- Draws support from.

vi. Macaques, Malabar squirrels observe you carefully from the tree canopy.

Ans:- Keep a watchful eye.

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