Recent Trends in Curriculum Development

Recent Trends in Curriculum

Recent Trends in Curriculum Development

Recent Trends in Curriculum Development

The modern era is the era of globalisation. It has brought the tremendous changes in almost each part of human life. The modern education has to prepare the students with such knowledge, skill and information essential for completing the outside world. As a result, various new trends has occupies in the process of curriculum planning-

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a. Scientific and Technology oriented change

 Moving towards global competitiveness, some scientific and technology based trends or change have been brought to the process of curriculum development. The application of policies and strategies of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in curriculum planning can bring a positive change.

b. Reflection and National and Universal Culture in Curriculum

It is necessary to prepare the today’s learner for facing the realities at a global context. Therefore, curriculum should be prepared in such a way. A recent trend that have attracted the curriculum planner is to need of understanding the global culture. Reflection and national and universal culture in the curriculum will be able to create international understanding.

c. Staff Development of Curriculum Planners

 A new trend in the process of curriculum development that is accepted the staff development of curriculum planners. The success of education process rely on the success of planning of the curriculum. A successful curriculum can realise the educational goals. Therefore, according to the trend, the different parties involve in the curriculum development must undergo in-service training. They should be fully aware about the roles and responsibility. They have to work together to develop a well-rounded.

d. Digital Diversity

 To survive in the various field of life, it is essential to acquire the knowledge and skills of technology. For effective transaction of curriculum transaction which is an essential part of curriculum planning, the curriculum must be made digitalised.  

e. Need and Development based Curriculum

 Need and development based curriculum is based on with the learner. Earlier the curriculum have been developed on account of the need of society and time. But now importance is given to the needs of and development aspects of the learner in preparing the curriculum.

f. Choice based Curriculum

 It is another recent trend that have been added to the curriculum trend. Such curriculum can meet the educational needs of the learners effectively because it is based on their choice and they can access for their choice.

g. Online Courses

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has comprehensively effected the process of curriculum planning. It is another consequence in terms of a new innovation in the said process in the online courses.

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