Criteria of Good Teaching


Top 10 Criteria of Good Teaching

Criteria of Good Teaching

Good or effective teaching is a ‘contested concept’ with varying definitions. Numerous attempts have been made to identify these characteristics, using a variety of theoretical perspectives, from qualitative and quantitative approaches, from various disciplinary standpoints and from the student’s point of view, but there is no universally accepted definition of effective teaching.

Effective teaching has been broadly understood as teaching that is oriented to and focused on students and their learning.

Let us point out some criteria of good teaching as below:-


1.  Teaching activity need to be focused on meeting student’s future needs, implying the development in students of generic capabilities such as critical thinking, teamwork and communication skills, amongst others.

2.  Students must have a thorough understanding of fundamental concepts even if that means less content is covered.

3.   The relevance of what is taught must be established by using real life, current and/or local examples and by relating theory to practice.

4.      Student’s beliefs must be challenged to deal with misconception.

5.   A variety of learning tasks that engage students, including student discussion, need to occur in order that meaningful learning takes place.

6.   Genuine, empathetic relationships with individual students should be established so that interaction can takes place.

7. Teachers should motivate students through displaying their own enthusiasm, encouraging students and providing interesting, enjoyable and active classes.

8.  Curriculum design should ensure that aims, concepts, learning activities and assessments are consistent with achieving learning outcomes related to future student needs.

9.  Each lesson must be thoroughly planned but flexible so that necessary adaptations may be made based on feedback during the class.

10. Assessment must be consistent with the desired learning outcomes and should, therefore, be authentic tasks for the discipline or profession.

While many criterions for effective teaching are confirmed by various scholars, an additional key criterion is that, teaching designs should meet future needs of the students with regard to curriculum as well as learning outcomes.

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