Dhunu’s Guitar – All Question Answers

Dhunu’s Guitar is a nice inspirational story based on a poor girl of Assam who by her hard-working and ambitions, became a rockstar.

Dhunu's Guitar- Important Question Answers

1.    What is meant by the word ‘profession’?

Ans:- By the word ‘profession’ the poet means the job that we do to earn money when we grow up.

2.    Where is Dhunu from?

Ans:- Dhunu is from Kalardiya village, near Chaigaon in Kamrup district of Assam.

3.    Who made the film “Village Rock stars”?

Ans:- Rima Das made the film “Village Rock stars”.

4.    What was the name of Dhunu’s brother?

Ans:- The name of Dhunu’s brother is Manabendra.

5.    Why did the village women often scold Dhunu?

Ans:- The village women often scolded Dhunu for not behaving like a girl, spending time with boys and playing boy’s games.

6.    What did Dhunu’s mother tell the women who scolded her daughter?

Ans:- Dhunu’s mother told the women who scolded her daughter that none of them came to help her after her husband’s death. She also told those women that she has been doing both a man’s job as well as a woman’s job, earning money and looking after her children and her animals and her land.

7.    What did Dhunu decide to do after meeting the musicians at a local event?

Ans:- After meeting the musicians at a local event, Dhunu decided to form their own band.

Dhunu's Guitar more questions

8.    What plan did Dhunu propose after she realized that she could not afford to buy a guitar?

Ans:- After realizing that Dhunu could not afford to buy a guitar, she planned to start doing odd jobs around the village to earn and save money to buy a guitar.

9.    Why did Dhunu start doing odd jobs around the village?

Ans:- Dhunu started doing odd jobs around the village to buy a real guitar.

10.    “But Dhunu believes that if you really want something and work towards it, you can achieve it”- What does this line tell you about
Dhunu’s character?

Ans:- By the above lines, Dhunu’s character reflected as a hardworking and a focused girl. She never let her dream away and constantly working on it to achieve her goal.

More Questions-

11. Fill in the blanks with appropriate words:

i. A person who repairs shoes-

Ans:- Cobbler.

ii. A person who repairs water pipes-

Ans:- Plumber.

iii. A person who operates the controls of an aircraft, especially as a job-

Ans:- Pilot.

iv. A person whose job is to take care of people’s teeth-

Ans:- Dentist.

v. A person who makes, repairs or sells artcles made of gold-

Ans:- Goldsmith.

vi. A person who can do magic tricks-

Ans:- Magician.

vii. A person whose job is to cut men’s hair and sometimes to shave them-

Ans:- Barber.

viii. A person who takes care of gardens-

Ans:- Gardener.

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